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Programmes and Curriculum

Mayflower Kids Play Group provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children in the age group 1.5 – 2.5 years. It gives opportunities for children to have fun and to socialize with each other and with adults. A team of caring, dedicated and approachable teachers and assistants are available to ensure the best possible care. The staff works closely as a team to ensure that all children are happy and comfortable within our play group. Toys, games and activities that are age appropriate and suited to the development of the child’s skills ensure that children enjoy themselves while simultaneously adapting to increased social interactions.


Games | Toys | Storytelling Rhymes | Songs | Outdoor play

The pre-school environment and activities are designed to encourage children to interact with their peers, adapt to their surroundings, develop communication skills and build a strong sense of self.

  • Building communication and social skills
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction
  • Theme based learning
  • Understanding simple mathematical concepts
  • Identifying the Alphabet
  • Developing language skills
  • Stimulating motor co-ordination skills
  • Promoting cognitive development


Reading | Reciting rhymes | Singing | Story Telling | Art and Craft | Sand Play & Water Play | Outdoor Play | Unstructured Play-time

  • Increased social interaction.
  • Reading and writing of simple words.
  • Recognition of simple words.
  • Elementary mathematical & science concepts.
  • Age appropriate art and craft activities.
  • Practical verbal skills.
  • Improved vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Basic concepts of addition and subtraction.
  • Encourage innovation, curiosity and build self-confidence
  • Age appropriate art and craft activities.